Luxurious Protection

For Beautiful Hands

For the price of a lipstick, protect your hands and health with EvelineCharles PURE Purifying Hand Cream

About EvelineCharles

EvelineCharlesTM was founded in 1974 and today Eveline is an internationally recognized entrepreneur for the beauty industry.

The all-encompassing business model includes salons, spas, beauty academies, and EC Labs for product manufacturing.

EC Labs is a contract manufacturing lab for innovative all-natural and high-performance luxury formulations.

Eveline Charles has been honored for her leadership and remarkable business accomplishments by the Global Salon Business Awards for Canadian Entrepreneurship in London and Barcelona.



EvelineCharles is trailblazing
the hand care
market segment by creating a new category of products:
Purifying Hand Cream


PURE Purifying Hand Cream is coveted for its
unique formula that hydrates while disinfecting the hands like a sanitizer, and leaves a
luxurious powder finish


63% alcohol effectively
eliminates bacteria, germs
and viruses. Registered
formula US FDA and NHP
Health Canada


PURE Purifying Hand Cream
cleanses the hands and
enhances the skin
condition to promote
healthy, beautiful hands.


PURE Purifying Hand Cream
cleanses the hands and
enhances the skin
condition to promote
healthy, beautiful hands.

It’s different, Fresh & Unique 

100% of retailers and distributors believe there is opportunity in their market for a luxury hand sanitizer, specifically one that moisturizes your hands
during use.


“It Looks Very Feminine”


  • Website and social media platforms
  • Press release for the fashion and beauty publications
  • Influencer marketing
  • Display units and merchandizing
  • Seasonal gift sets
  • Sampling program




What is your feeling about hand sanitizers in general?

*90% of Retailers and Distributors indicated that the perception of hand sanitizers is positive.



Do you believe there is an opportunity in  your market for a luxury hand sanitizer

*100% of Retailers and Distributors believed there is an opportunity in their market for a luxury hand sanitizer.



Based on your current HBC (hand sanitizer) set what are your thoughts on the retail price?

*97% of Retailers and Distributors support the MSRP.

What people say about EC PURE

In the past I did not like using hand sanitizers because they dried my hands, now it is a necessity.

The Pure Purifying Hand Cream feels like a hand cream, I absolutely love this formula.


Edmonton, AB

This is the first hand product I have ever been loyal to using every day. I did not use hand creams because they can be greasy, and hand sanitizers dry my hands. The Pure Purifying Hand Cream is lightweight and has a smooth creamy texture.


Edmonton, AB

I just discovered the most amazing hand cream! No other product on the market compares to this unique formula, my hands look and feel fantastic. Thank you EvelineCharles for creating the Pure Purifying Hand Cream!


High Prairie, AB

As a nurse, I have used many hand sanitizers nothing compares to this formula. Even with repeated use, my hands are never cracked or irritated. The Pure Purifying Hand Cream has saved my hands.


Toronto, ON