About Us

We are your all-in-one solution for beauty, health, and wellness product manufacturing. Our extensive knowledge in cosmetic marketing and the beauty industry make us the perfect choice for the development of cosmetic and skin care products. We understand that everything comes from pure idea, and innovation is the key to success in the cosmetic and wellness industry.

Formulation Design Team

Eveline Charles

Eveline Charles

Owner, Founder

•45+ years in the beauty industry
• Built a beauty empire: salons/spas, academies, and EC Labs
• First female inductee of the Alberta Business Hall of Fame
• Recipient of Global Salon Awards in London and Barcelona
• Accomplished business leader; 50 Best Managed Company

Lina Heath

Lina Heath


  • Strategic planning for salons and spas, academies and EC Labs
  • Leads finance, operations, marketing, product development
  • Spa Manager of the Year for Canada (Spa Management Magazine)
  • Youngest female inaugurated in Young Presidents Organization Canada at 33 yrs old in 2010
  • Employed by EvelineCharles since 1995
Louis Heerze

Louis Heerze


  • MSc. in Organic Chemistry and PhD. in Biochemistry
  • Filed 23 patents
  • Specialist in government regulations and quality management systems.
  • Decades of experience performing research and development of medicinal products
  • Developing new pharmaceuticals, natural health, and personal care products and taking them to market
Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen

Cosmetic Chemist

  • Over 25 years of experience as a cosmetic chemist
  • Specializes in natural and organic formulations utilizing new and clean technology
  • Created over 500 formulas that have entered the world marketplace, including
    Canada, USA, Mexico, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and Asia.

Driving Industry Trends

The extent of our experience and capabilities enables us to provide our customers with the most on-trend, naturally-derived, and results-driven products. Our commitment to product innovation is driven by our formulation expertise and creative passion, in combination with the most recent ingredients and processing innovations.

  • Client Care 100% 100%
  • Development 100% 100%
  • Quality & Innovation 100% 100%
  • Fashion 100% 100%